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Transformation through the medium of Theatre

Our Story

Drifting Leaves Theatre

Drifting Leaves Theatre was born out of a dream to create a space for individuals to help reconnect with their core essence. An essence, which as a child was free in spirit, but forgotten over the years.

Through theatre as a medium of expression, we empower individuals to rediscover that spirit and become stronger, compassionate members of larger communities.

Our Programs


School Programs

Our work with children, teachers and parents focuses on public speaking, expression, role-plays and building confidence.
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Community Programs

Community programs focus on self-expression, acceptance, connecting with self and building bonds irrespective of age, gender, race, etc.
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Corporate Programs

Our programs with companies focus on leadership, taking initiative & synergy within a team.
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School Theatre Workshops


Theatre workshops are held for children in various schools and venues across the city.


Theatre workshops for parents are categorized, based on the age group of children they parent.


Workshops for teachers are categorized as standalone workshops and sustained programs catering to the distinct needs of the school.

Workshops & Auditions

At Drifting Leaves Theatre, we regularly hold auditions and workshops for working professionals and college students. Individuals who want to pursue theatre as a hobby or passion and be involved in various creative capacities. Even those who have no prior experience in theatre are welcome. We believe that theatre as an art form has a place for everyone.



Directed by Mithila Ketkar

A Play on Autism Awareness

With the rise in media consumption in our homes, detection of autism amongst the millennials is growing rapidly. ‘The Rainbow’ is a devised theatre production in an attempt to create awareness and sensitize people towards autism. 

The Rainbow
A play on autism awareness

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