In the hustle bustle of life we often forget to take a moment to observe how deeply and intrinsically we are connected to the 5 elements of nature, viz earth, water, fire, air, and space. Very often we forget that we are not above nature, but an offspring of the same source and its cosmic creation. En-we-ronment is a module designed to rebuild that connection with nature.

An exclusive theatre-based module, that sees a merger of the elements, enabling one to find various aspects of nature within oneself. Therefore, feeling a sense of integrity and closeness with the natural surroundings. An experience that combines silent observations of the mind and of nature, coming to a point of convergence that makes one mindful of the energies, flowing through different parts of their physical being.

The module enhances awareness of the mind, body, importance of being, connecting with the outdoors, experiencing silence within and outside, problem solving, emotional expression, empathy, compassion for self and others.

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