Paint My Story

Started in the memory of India’s most renowned painters’, Artist Krishnarao Ketkar, this workshop brings elements of theatre and painting together. The module invites you to a unique platform that merges theatre and painting, through sharing of stories that enables understanding and unveiling of one’s own emotions and also being able to visualize another’s journey in the form of colours.

This module is offered to corporates and other community spaces.

The participants learnt to identify their emotions and associate a colour to each emotion through playful and fun theatre games, roleplay and storytelling finally resulting in listening to stories, identifying the emotions in the story and converting it into a painting.

While going through my family history, I came to realise that my great grandfather was a renowned painter of his time. His story was inspiring at many levels, he was out-casted from our family. 

In an imperialistic British rule where only Anglo Indians were permitted admission to prestigious institutions, Krishnarao Ketkar was the first Indian to graduate as an Art Master from the JJ School of Fine Arts. 

He later went on to establish the Ketkar Art School where he taught and nurtured Indian Artists, who were not given equal opportunities at prestigious art institutions. On many occassions he also provided food and shelter along with lessons in Art for those talented artists who couldn’t pay for the classes.

Inspired by his vision, work and his memory, we wanted to create a module that helped people share their stories, paint and bring them closer as a community. The first launch of this workshop took place on His 183rd birthday on 1st May 2019, to remember the artist and keep his legacy alive.