Open Skies Creativity

The idea and philosophy behind this initiative is to use theatre as a tool and a form of therapy to find the hidden artist within us. The focus is to get outdoors and experience internal transformation amidst nature through tools of theatre, observation, painting, star gazing, listening to nature, etc.

Open Skies Creativity was an experimental thought inspired by pictures of our mentor painting in the outdoors, in places like cubbon park and other locations of Bangalore. What we noticed in most of the pictures he posted, was the number of people who gathered around him and looked on with curiosity and the spark of hope and enthusiasm in their eyes.

As an inspired thought we did the same and wanted to experience it first-hand. The experience was magical. It was the closest we had ever felt to ourselves and the joy of creation. Under the lush green trees among the sounds of birds, the sound of a painting knife scraping against the canvas, and of course the curious eyes that stopped to see, take in the essence and get inspired. It almost felt like we had created an epicenter of a happy and peaceful space.

Later that evening, as our minds reeled in memories and thoughts of that experience, we thought why not bring everyone to experience what we did today. And that led to the birth of Open Skies Creativity.

The aim and focus being, creating a space for everyone to experience oneness with their deeper selves, amidst nature and also give them the experience of creating something original, something that is truly them.

In a world where we spend most of our day and our lives indoors, in closed cubicles… this idea is to bring people out to build a creative and reflective community that will give them a space to explore untapped possibilities within themselves.

Modules under this program are customizable based on the needs of the client.