Theatre workshops for parents are categorised, based on the age group of children they parent. The focus is to help parents reconnect with their inner child and also see today’s complex world and its expectations from the eyes of their child.


We develop modules customised on the needs of the institution and depending on the final outcome that the institution wishes to see.
Workshops for parents are based on themes like dreams, inner child, creativity and originality, trust, today’s past and today’s future, curiosity and reflectiveness, gratefulness
The intent of these workshops is to create a better understanding between parents, giving them a platform to share their joys, fears, concerns and their journey of parenthood and create a stronger community for them.


These workshops are based on fun, interactive activities that are conducted in different locations in Bangalore periodically. The workshops are half-day modules and are conducted for parents who are raising children of all age groups. Announcements of these workshops and its specification are usually made on our website and our social media platforms
The modules are interactive and fun-based focusing on creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication, storytelling, building associations and developing reflectiveness.